Charlotte McKinney for Guess Fall Line shot by Tatiana Gigi


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Charlotte McKinney for Guess Fall Line shot by Tatiana Gigi
July 2016



Tatiana is rapidly building a name for herself as one of the top fashion and portrait photographers in Los Angeles. She is well known for her original, eye-catching and unique fashion editorials and portrait photography. Her work has been featured at various galleries throughout the United States. Tatiana is originally from Russia, where she explored her creative side studying music and art for over 4 years. Her photography is inspired by all the art, music and culture that she has experienced.

Her work has also been published in many print and online magazines, including many features on VOGUE Italia’s website, PHOTO fr, Digital Photo Pro, Pin Up America, Dark Beauty Magazine, pRIZE, Annex Man, Fixation, Prism and Elegant Magazine just to name a few. Some of her work is currently at Gallerie Noir in Dallas TX. Tatiana also has a portfolio on ART + COMMERCE.

Tatiana constantly works with models, actors, singers, stylists, dancers, casting directors, and entertainment agencies, shooting inspiring and evocative images.