Charlotte McKinney for Vanity Fair by Miguel Reveriego


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Pics (gif, photos) of Charlotte McKinney for Vanity Fair by Miguel Reveriego
Photographing Charlotte in Beverly Hills for the June’s issue of Vanity Fair US

Watch: Behind the Scenes with Bathing Beauty Charlotte McKinney



Miguel Reveriego was in Madrid, assisting fashion photographers when Pop came out he became a fan of photographers Mert & Marcus, he wanted to go to London and ask for a job. It was very difficult since he didn’t speak fluent English but after trying several times, going there over and over again, he got the job. Miguel met their first assistant at the moment and through her, he got an interview with them. At that time Mert & Marcus have just bought their house in Ibiza and they were looking for someone who could speak Spanish and it happened. What he attributes to that period of his career, it’s how clear the concept of the woman was.

Vanity Fair
“Vanity Fair has but two major articles in its editorial creed: first, to believe in the progress and promise of American life, and, second, to chronicle that progress cheerfully, truthfully, and entertainingly.” —Frank Crowninshield, March 1914.
Vanity Fair became a bellwether of the Jazz Age under the editorial direction of Frank Crowninshield in 1914. It folded in 1936, but was resurrected in 1983, hardly missing a beat. Helmed by Tina Brown until 1992, and currently edited by Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair publishes a steady stream of hard-hitting stories, colorful narratives, and eye-popping exposés that routinely become part of the national discussion.


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