Video North of Nine “Can It Be You?” featuring Charlotte McKinney


Charlotte McKinney’s Music Video For North Of Nine: Model Stars As Sexy Nurse

Jackson Guthy goes in for a steamy kiss with the new model of the moment, Charlotte McKinney, in the music video for his band North of Nine’s song “Can It Be You?”

February 2015

Movie clip



Making off


North of nine

Nothing restores my faith in the future of rock and roll quite like a refreshing set of vocal chords and an innovative use of keys. North of Nine, a newly formed band from Los Angeles, flaunts both of these qualities. Fronted by piano prodigy Jackson Guthy, North of Nine blends the talent of five young men from across the country into a cohesive, soulful sound.

A few years ago, Jackson Guthy’s undeniable potential caught the eye of Randy Jackson, who has been mentoring the young man ever since. Through his guidance, Guthy decided to ditch pop and apply his vocal styling and magnetic stage presence to a rock band. With the idea of North of Nine brewing, Guthy and Jackson began the search for the remaining members. The culmination of their search resulted in Jackson on the microphone and occasionally the piano, Rob on drums, Nolan on keys, Mike on guitar, and Edison on bass. The five young men have only released one single, but their EP is in the works and will surely bring something delightfully fresh to today’s music scene.

Each of the five members has a different musical background and upbringing, and thus brings a unique element to North of Nine’s overall sound. Rob explains, “Jack and Edison are from LA, Mike is from Ohio, Nolan is from Kansas, and I’m from Michigan. We all come from different backgrounds. Jack’s more pop and has his own sound from where he comes from. I met Jack on the road when he was opening up for a pop artist I was playing drums with. A year later, I found out he was trying to start a band, and I got interested. We found these guys and started jamming. We like to put little bits of every influence in there. It just works.”


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